Inaugural ISSAEF Benefactor Award

At the end of 2015, the ISSAEF Board established an award called the “ISSAEF Benefactor Award,”given on an ad-hoc basis, to recognize individuals and/or organizations that have demonstrated outstanding, sustained philanthropic efforts on its behalf. Criteria for receiving this award is service or sponsorship of ISSAEF through sustained (at least three years) fundraising, outright donations, promotion or publicity having a sphere of influence leading to donations, etc.

To show its sincere appreciation to the ‘unsung heroes,’ often working behind the scenes to “make it happen,” the very first of ISSAEF Benefactor Award was given to Kevin Spease at the RSA ISSA Membership reception on March 2nd.  In presenting the award for his “Leadership in Scholarship Funding,” we thanked the recipient, whose dedication had a direct influence on whether or not the Foundation reached its scholarship fundraising goals and objectives.

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